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Understand The 4 Types Of Lift Chairs

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Stair lifts can be a godsend for those who require assistance moving up and down the stairs. These lift chairs can make it easy for even powered chairs to move along the track, still giving you the most control possible. When you install a chair lift, the type you use will depend on the type of staircase you have in your home. There are also lifts available to meet your outdoor needs. Not sure what type of lift you need? Here are the different types.

Straight Chair Lift

The straight chair lift is meant for simple staircases that go simply up and down in a straight line. The simplicity of these lifts makes them among the most popular options out there. They are also incredibly versatile, offering a variety of battery models and control panels for those who are right and left handed. You can install this lift on your own or have a professional assist you. 

L-Shaped Chair Lift

With an L-shaped lift, two straight lifts are fitted together at a 90-degree angle. The additional parts could make this type of lift more expensive than similar ones. Additionally, you may be able to install this type of lift on your own as well.

Curved Chair Lift

A curved lift works well for staircases that might have obstructions otherwise. Perhaps the staircase is situated at an odd angle or is attached to odd shelving. This type of lift must be installed by professionals because it requires custom fitting rather than a standard setup. This also means that a curved lift is typically more expensive than other options available.

Outdoor Chair Lift

If you have steps leading up to your door or a patio or deck, you may wish to install an outdoor lift. You need a special lift for the outdoors because these ones are made with special fabrics and parts to be waterproof and hold up against potential elements. Additionally, these lifts may need much more routine maintenance than those you would install indoors.

Chair lifts provide a sense of freedom and independence. Whether you are in a wheelchair or a powered chair, you have a variety of options at your disposal. These lifts can make it easier to complete those important tasks around the home and allow you to regain access to those areas you used to roam freely. Installing a chair lift can truly open up new opportunities. For more information, talk to a professional like Corner Home Medical.