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What The Different Position Numbers Mean For Lift Chairs

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If you are finding it harder and harder to get up out of your chair in the living room, it is time to start thinking about getting a lift chair. This is an electric chair that rises and leans forward to help get you into a standing position. In reverse, it can help you sit down without worrying about your knees or hips giving out on the way down. Before you head to the nearest furniture store, here is some information on the three main types of lift chairs available.

2-Position Chair

The 2-position chair is great if you have limited space in the living room. This chair can go very close to the wall. It will raise and lower without pushing back against the wall. This chair will recline a little, so you won't have to sit straight upright, but you won't be able to recline far enough to get comfortable in a nap. It is great for simply reading or watching television. You can also have a small tray pulled up to the chair for eating, working on a computer, or doing crafts.

3-Position Chair

If you like more of a recline than what is available in the 2-position chair, but do not need to layout completely, the 3-position chair is the answer. You will be able to lean back comfortably and relax. This chair will require more space though, as it does not glide forward before reclining. It cannot be placed directly against a wall. This chair can be very handy if you will have small children or pets climbing up into your lap.

Infinite-Position Chair

When you need a chair that will allow you to lay out and sleep, you should look into an infinite-position chair. It lays out so completely you will be able to roll over onto your stomach for a nap or a good night's sleep if you want. This is the best option if you have mobility issues that prevent you from getting to your bedroom on your own. These chairs also have optional massage and heat pads available.

Look around your room and decide how much space you have for a lift chair, If you have enough space, consider what you will be doing and how much time you will spend in the chair. This will help you determine how many positions your chair will need. Once all that is decided, go to the store or online and pick out the type of upholstery and coloring you want.